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Rheinmetall offers modular and flexible soldier systems solutions, ranging from a light version to a medium and extended version. This includes scalable technology, a wide variety of command and control and display solutions, different levels of integration, including variable vehicle integration, and Rheinmetall or third-party hardware and software.

As a globally leading developer and supplier of soldier systems, Rheinmetall can point to abundant experience in this field: the Group is producing the modular Future Soldier - Expanded System (Gladius) on behalf of the German Bundeswehr, as well as various systems and component solutions for other NATO partners.

Modular and flexible soldier systems solutions: light, medium and extended version

Modular and flexible soldier systems solutions: light, medium and extended version

Argus soldier system

The solution preferred by the Canadian Armed Forces, Rheinmetall Canada’s Argus soldier system uses specialized BMC4I software to provide a common operating picture with important mission information, such as friendly positions, enemy positions, and terrain overlaid on tactical maps. Voice and data are rapidly exchanged between soldiers and their commander, resulting in an overall increase in team mobility, lethality, sustainability, and interoperability. Wearable electronics are ergonomic and reduced to a minimum. The easy-to-use interface ensures that soldiers remain focused on the mission.

Argus: Integrated Soldier System (ISS)

Argus: Integrated Soldier System (ISS)

Rheinmetall Canada is a recognized industry leader in this field and is currently involved in several soldier system programs. In 2015 the Argus soldier system was contracted for the Canadian Forces’ Integrated Soldier System Project (ISS).


On the occasion of DSEI 2017 in London, Shephard Media interviewed Rheinmetall Canada about the capabilities and international sales opportunities of the Argus soldier system.

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