Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Rheinmetall’s robotic platform for network-enabled operations

Rheinmetall’s Multimission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MMUGV) solution allows to perform various mission profiles, from mule to force protection and surveillance, using a variety of modular payloads. Capable of performing in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, the MMUGV provides safety and security to the mounted and dismounted forces, increases their operational effectiveness, and keeps them out of harm’s way.

Modular and customizable

Adaptable and highly modular, the MMUGV features a platform that allows the operators to easily install the different payloads onto the vehicle to accomplish all kinds of missions. Any specific requirements can be fulfilled with our made-toorder MMUGV solution. By working closely with every customer, Rheinmetall guarantees that the right solution is always provided for the right purpose.

Multimission UGV – S
The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Solution for Surveillance

The surveillance variant is specifically designed for perimeter observation, reconnaissance, and scout tasks.

Multimission UGV – P
The Unmanned Ground Vehicle Solution for Force Protection

The force protection variant is specifically designed for perimeter protection, escorting, target acquisition, and engagement tasks.


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